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Feature :
1.Superior formula
2.Remove gum, vanish and carbon deposits effectively, by simply spray it directly into the carburetor
3.Clean the entire system, lubricate and remove moisture in all moving parts
4.Increase engine power, maintain high gas mileage

 Instruction :
 1.Unload air-cleaner, start engine
 2.In the idle inside, spray onto orifice, throat, valve and choke plunger of inside carburetor
 3.Accelerate engine a few minutes later
 4.Deposits are vented with a scream
 5.Put on air cleaner

Attention :
 1. Extremely flammable
 2. Use in a well ventilated area
 3. Do not store it above 120°F(50°C)
 4. Keep out reached of children

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