PIAA Slender Horn HO-12 400Hz & 500 Hz (Japan)

  • Tk 3,599.00

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The “Slender Horn” represents a lightweight horn that is the world’s thinnest spiral horn. It is a new horn with the world’s thinnest body in the popular “400Hz / 500Hz” bass range.

Big sound in s small package!

The HO-12 is ideal for tight space applications. The twin horn produces a wonderful tone with its 400Hz and 500Hz combination. Do not underestimate this horn given its slim build. It will blow you away.

  • Equipped with a stylish guard fin that prevents water and dust permeation.
  • ECE Regulation No. 28 approval
  • Powerful 112dB Dual Tone.
  • 400Hz and 500Hz combination PIAA Horn can be installed on one and two terminal cars.
  • Black Housing 2 terminal type (Includes ground wiring)
  • Lightweight: Approx. 180g/pc
  • Made in Japan

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