LIQUI MOLY Engine Flush Plus - 300ml

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Engine Flush Plus is a specially formulated combination of additives and carrier fluid. In combination with the carrier fluid, the highly effective detergent and dispersal additives dissolve sludge and lacquer former. All types of oil-soluble and oil insoluble residues are brought into suspension and removed during the next oil change. An engine which has been cleaned of deposits and contamination and which is then filled with fresh oil not contaminated with old impurities can develop its full performance characteristics.

- Optimal engine performance
- Highly economical
- Tested for turbochargers and catalytic converters
- Does not attack common sealing materials
- Gentle cleaning
- Rapid cleaning
- Suitable for diesel particulate filters
- Simple to use without disassembly
- Minimizes wear

Intended Use:
For cleaning and flushing out the oil circuits of gasoline and diesel engines. 300 ml sufficient for up to 6 l of motor oil. Not suitable for use on motorbikes with wet clutches!

How To Use
Add to engine oil before oil change, start engine and idle for 10 minutes, then switch off the engine and change new oil & new oil filter. 300ml is sufficient for engines with up to 6 liters oil volume. Not suitable for motorbiks with wet clutches!

Part Number:
8374 - 300ML
Specifications of LIQUI MOLY ENGINE FLUSH PLUS ( 300ML )


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